As well as providing  a safe secure environment for your child we always go the extra mile to make them happy.

NICAS Accreditation 

Throughout the year we do at least 1 block of 10 climbing lessons free of charge at Awsome walls. 


We have provided free beginners lessons for hundreds of children. 


Party time

The best way too celerbrate anything is with a fantastic party.


We have art every session see what you can create.


We Will always find a way to keep children active in play scheme, such as football, dance, pony  rides,  beans, boxing, gym etc.

Quick contact

Write to us 

84 Southbrook Road, Naylorsfield, Liverpool L27 1YW

Give us a Call       
0151 488 6405 

       St Cyrils Children and Youth Project           84 Southbrook Road, Naylorsfield, Liverpool L27 1YW
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